Marguerite Kahrl

Marguerite Kahrl, artist, permaculture designer and educator, was born in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA. She has been living and working in Italy, since 2002. Kahrl design experience includes implementing principles and philosophy of Permaculture in the context of farms, homesteads and social art projects. In her sculpture, Marguerite Kahrl approaches systems thinking from a playful angle, manipulating messages and media to instigate social engagement.

Her work has been exhibited internationally including such institutions as Manifesta, ‘Parallel events’, Genk, Belgium. Curated by Michela Sacchetto and Francesca Berardi (2012); Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice Italy with Marjetica Potrc (2010); Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson Arizona. Curated by Anne Marie Russel (2010); Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Colorado. Curated by Lucy Lippard (2007). Center for Contemporary Art in Portland Maine (2004) and the New House Center for Contemporary Art in New York. Curated by Olivia Giorgia (2001).