Primate’s progress

Marguerite Kahrl with Paul Ruff

2006  Remote-Controlled Solar Powered Lawn Mower.
Parts found at junkyards, steel, aluminum, electric motor, solar panel, remote control, batteries and various hardware parts.
Dimension of vehicle: 26 x 29 x 69 inches
Marguerite Kahrl with Paul Ruff
Prototype built for ‘Garden Improvement’ exhibition, Wave Hill, NY

“Remember “The Whole Earth Catalogue”? Two pieces in the show are solar powered. Charles Goldman’s is a mobile outdoor fountain made from hardware-store materials. Water burbles up from a central pipe and spills down into a plastic basin mounted along with solar panels on a wheeled cart. Marguerite Kahrl and Paul Ruff have assembled from scavenged parts a remote-control lawnmower in the form of a small car that drags a reel-type mower”.
–Ken Johnson, New York Times, 2006

Primates Progress from Marguerite Kahrl on Vimeo.