999. A collection of questions about contemporary living

HOMEMAKER: the practice of dwelling”, installation.
Triennale of Milan
January 12 – April 2, 2018

The Triennale di Milano presents 999: A Collection of Questions on Contemporary Living, an exhibition conceived and curated by Stefano Mirti.

MARGUERITE KAHRL, “HOMEMAKER: the practice of dwelling” working model (2018)

Suspended models of dwellings question the notion of home as a fixed and delineated place. Instead these handcrafted signifiers of ‘home’ reference domestic practices, which build on the sense of belonging.

Being and feeling at home is a process of making, intertwined with routines, objects, shelter, and community. Shifting the focus from a closed space to the practice of dwelling helps us to consider belonging as more of an open and social process.

The exhibition consists of a series of questions on the places of our lives, and it illustrates the theme of housing as we have never seen it before. The exhibition is a sweeping investigation of the concept of house and home, living and dwelling, on the borderline between the physical and digital worlds. It is a journey through new realms of the imagination, which are transforming our lives. It is an innovative, wide-ranging, collaborative, and ever-changing exhibition, which evolves in space and time.